• The purpose of this organization shall be to Enhance, Support, and Encourage, and Aid all activities of the Math and Science Academy

  • Who We Are

    Math & Science Academy Booster Club is a 501c non-profit organization focused on providing support for the Math and Science Academy at Dulles High School. The club works closely with FBISD coordinator and the school administration to sponsor attendance to academic competitions, buying necessary equipment for the school and even providing grants to teachers for unfunded projects. The club has also been instrumental in helping MSA students gain real-life experience through internship placements.


    Math & Science Academy Booster club was formed to help our students reach their potential.

    How can you help? - Become a member!

  • Booster Club Information

    To become a Booster Club member, you could use one of the four options:

    Member Benefits

    1. Be in the Know

    • Learn about the new Club Initiatives
    • Find out about upcoming events/competitions
    • Keep up with new learning/leadership opportunities for your child/children including internships

    2. Be Heard

    • Build awareness of MSA
    • Booster club members remain actively engaged with the Fort Bend ISD Board of Trustees, helping shape the future of the academies.

    3. Be an Active Part

    • Be a part of fundraising – pizza, breakfast sales,
    • Join and connect with other parents of MSA Students

    4. Be Involved

    • Let your kids know that you are also committed to their success
    • You can help – internship opportunities, fundraising (including matching funds from your employers)

    Help make the MSA the best institution in Texas!

    Meeting Calendar

    • August 9th, 2021 - Executive Board Meeting (Zoom)
    • Aug 23rd, 2021 - General Body Meeting (Zoom)
    • Sep 13th, 2021 – Executive Board Meeting
    • October 18th, 2021 - Executive Board Meeting
    • Nov 15th, 2021 - Executive Board Meeting
    • Dec 13th, 2021 - Executive Board Meeting
    • Jan 24th, 2022 – Executive Board Meeting
    • Feb 28th, 2022 – Executive Board Meeting
    • March 21th, 2022 – Executive Board Meeting
    • April 25th, 2022 – Executive Board Meeting
    • May 23rd, 2022 – General Body Meeting

    All meetings will be held at 7 PM CST.


    Please download the Bylaws here (9.6MB)

    Financial Information

    This part will be updated later.

    Volunteer Activities

    All Volunteers must complete an online Criminal History background check from FBISD website.

    MSA Pizza Sale Nov 16th, 2021


    Please don't forget to submit your monthly volunteer hours.

    (Monthly hours are important because they reflect parental support which is valued by the district)

    2021-2022 Board Members

    • President                                   Mahendrababu Goverdhanan                 
    • Vice President                          Rama Pakala
    • Secretary                                   Chetna Wathoo
    • Joint Secretary                         Krishna Adluru
    • Treasurer                                   Krishna Chokkarapu 
    • Joint T                                        Ananda “Valli” Kosaraju
    • At-Large Member                    Gaurav Jhaveri
    • Grants Chair                             Jaydeep Shah
    • Grants Co-Chair                      Sailaja Koti
    • Fundraising Chair                    Smitha Ramachandra
    • Fundraising Co-Chair             Dr. Dimpy Koul         
    • Volunteers Chair                      Sherry (Xuelian) Shi
    • Volunteers Co-Chair                Harini Das
    • Education Chair                        Janey Wan
    • Education Co-Chair                 Rajiv Mehta      
    • Marketing Chair                        Deepak Kanwar  
    • Marketing Co-Chair                 Jigisha Doshi
    • Marketing Co-Chair                 Satish Duttala
    • Events Chair                              Sunita Dawar
    • Events Co-Chair                       Sundar Moorthi
    • Events Co-Chair                       Kim Yu
    • Membership Chair                   Anu Asthana
    • Membership Co-Chair            Yogita Joshi
    • Communication Chair             Maha Ramanan
    • Communication Co-Char       Dr. Yun Wan
  • Spotlight

    News about Math and Science Academy Students ...

    MSA Pizza Bi-Monthly Sale Starting on Nov 16th 2021
    The MSA Booster Club is hosting the Halloween Bash in the DHS cafeteria on October 29 @6:30-9:30 PM. The bash was grand succes and loads of fun for the kids.
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  • MSA Events

  • Event Photos


    Halloween Bash - October 29th, 2021

    MSA Banquet 2020-21

    MSA Student Board at the Banquet

    MSA Banquet 2020-21

    Seniors Playing Kahoot

    Jigisha Doshi, the January Volunteer of the Month

    Congratulations to Jigisha Doshi, the January Volunteer of the Month. Jigisha serves on our education committee and has been working very hard (along with Rakesh Kumar and Deepak Kanwar) on securing internships for our Rising Seniors and Juniors for next year. Thank you Jigisha for all that you do.

    Neeta Agrawal the November MSA Volunteer of the Month

    Congratulations to NEETA AGRAWAL the November MSA Volunteer of the Month. Neeta is one of our faithful pizza lunch volunteers, and does many things behind the scenes, including creating all of our signupgenius’s for the club. Thank you Neeta for all that you do!

    Volunteer of the Month - October

    Congratulations to Lin Adams, the MSA Booster Volunteer of the month for October. Lin was given a token (Starbuck’s GC) of appreciation from Shelley Brough, MSA President. Lin is a great volunteer who is among a group of volunteers who help behind the scenes tabulating YES hours for students; she is a regular volunteer with the pizza sales and joins in on other activities that the booster club does. Thank you Lin!

    Volunteer of the Month - September

    Vasu Santhanam, the MSA Volunteer of the month for September, with MSA President, Shelley Brough

    Volunteer of the Month - August

    Congratulations to Dali Fu, MSA Booster Club Volunteer of the month for August 2019!

    Funding for Classes

    Our MSA Booster Grant committee (Gaurav Jhaveri and Mahendra Goverdhanan) have been hard at work overseeing grant requests for MSA needs at DHS. Today Gaurav and our Treasurer (Vasu Santhanam) were able to hand out a check for high caliber scales requested by Mrs. Foteh for Chemistry classes. Mrs. Matney received the check on behalf of the science department. Also in the picture are DHS Science teachers Mrs. Herrera and Mrs. Mejia.

    MSA Annual Teacher Appreciation Luncheon

    MSA Annual Teacher Appreciation Luncheon expanded to cover lunch for all of DHS Staff this year. We were well received and were able to have an incredible spread from Raizes Mexican Kitchen. Thank you Boosters for making this possible.

    Teacher Grants

    Mrs Matney received Teacher grant

    Teacher Grants

    Principal King-Knowles accepts for Ms Finley

  • Grants & Fundraising

    Make a Donation

    Math and Science Booster Club appreciates your donations that will be helpful in sponsoring student activities, approving teacher’s grants and planning booster club events.


    We accept both PayPal and ChasePay donation.


    To donate by PayPal, please click "Donate" button above or send your donation to msabcfinance@gmail.com


    To donate by ChasePay: msabcfinance@gmail.com

    Teacher Grants

    Please download the application

    Sponsor Events

    Banquet Ticket Purchase

  • MSA Profile

    Take a look and enjoy!

  • Y.E.S. Hours Registration

    Please click here to register your Y.E.S. volunteer hours or go to http://www.dhsyesprogram.org/

  • Student Gallery

    Founded in 2010, DHS MSA is designed for academically motivated students. It provides them with unique learning experiences and allows students to better understand the role of math and sciences in an increasingly complex global and technological society.

    Atticus Finch

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    Eric Wilson, Juan Amaya, Brendan D'Souza

    The goal of this research was to determine if quality and efficient NMR results could be obtained using a low field NMR device that simply uses Earth's field rather than powerful instrumentation...

    Don Dao, Genny Li, Tao Peng, MD, Shaoling Huang, MD, PhD

    We have developed Xe-containing echogenic liposomes (Xe-ELIP). Using this delivery agent, we have demonstrated neuroprotective effects in myocardial infarctions remodeling in a rat AMI model..

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